KEVDO Construction is a family owned business, run by Jessie Mirga and his wife, Dorothy. They both pay attention to every detail and carefully plan every upcoming project, so their team can easily meet the goal right on time, with extraordinary results.

First project done by our company was accomplished in 2007. It was beginning, when the idea of KEVDO Construction showed up. When we started the business, the cash we had allowed us to do only two projects a year. Extending all services and good job we perform, let the company expand and spread wings inside the business. Right now we have an average of seven projects a year and the plan is to hit 20.

Special thanks to Renovo Financial. Their help, will to succeed, passion and courage made it possible to start what we do.

KEVDO Construction works on base of  experience and skilled employees. All our partners are experienced professionals in construction and architecture industry as well as in investment proceduress and business. Long term partnership let us build successful company, that spreades its horizons with every new project. KEVDO Construction takes an advantage of every challenge that stands on its way and see many opportunities to climb up the business ladder. Our main goals are customer satisfaction and perfectly done job.

KEVDO Construction team is a professional construction coordinator, taking care of every detail of every project. With over thirty years of experience in wide field of construction, architecture and building, the company became highly skilled and reliable partner in any rehabbing and flipping project.  First projects done by KEVDO Construction, were accomplished many years ago. During all this time on field, team learned  many useful architecture techniques and methods used in the building industry. All experience is being successfully implemented into all projects the company performs. KEVDO cooperates only with the best workers and technicians, who have at least 15 years experience in construction business. Everyone on KEVDO's board is highly devoted to all work that stands before them, and with professional coordination, they can make pretty anything possible.


We invest in communities in an effort to revitalize the neighborhood, create sustainability and promote economic growth.